Josh is a meticulous copyeditor. His work saved me from the headache of having to reformat my essay to match British publishing standards in terms of citations, notes, and image credits. He has performed such tasks for several art historians and cultural studies scholars with alacrity and good cheer. I recommend him enthusiastically.
Janet Catherine Berlo
Professor of Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester

My dissertation included dozens of custom-made maps and graphics, so I needed help with formatting and citations. I hired Josh, and within a few short weeks my dissertation was perfectly edited and formatted. Josh provided excellent customer service, and his final product was high-quality and affordable!
Mitch Gruber
PhD in American History, University of Rochester

I​ am grateful to Josh for the careful copyediting and formatting he has performed on my doctoral dissertation and journal submissions. As a native Arabic speaker, I particularly appreciated his careful, accurate​, and consistent transliteration of Arabic​ terminology. ​If you’re a non-native English speaker working in the humanities or social sciences, Josh is the editor for you.
Hend Alawadhi
Assistant Professor, College of Architecture, Kuwait University

I highly recommend Josh’s editing services for dissertations and scholarly essays. Josh displayed a fastidious attention to detail and tremendous skill and dexterity in fact checking my references and getting my footnotes and bibliographic entries in shape. This was especially a challenge with my dissertation, as I had many sources in foreign languages and thereby had to pay special attention to diacritical marks. He also displayed keen copyediting skills, offering suggestions on improving word choice, grammar, and sentence structure in areas of my writing that needed extra polish.
Berin Golonu
Clinical Assistant Professor of Art History, University at Buffalo

Josh helped me with a long and complicated project that included source texts in four different languages. I had despaired of finding an editor with such a respectful and careful approach to multilingual work, but Josh tackled complex layouts, fixed my document to meet MLA and institutional formatting requirements, and is especially talented at polishing prose. I have already recommended him to others. If you are looking for a meticulous editor, get in touch with Josh!
Sara Feldman
Preceptor in Yiddish, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University