Editorial Assessment

Not sure which type of editing is right for you and your project? I offer complimentary assessments to help determine what degree of editorial attention your manuscript requires.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We discuss your manuscript, with a particular focus on what you are trying to achieve, any difficulties you have been experiencing, and the kinds of editorial work you would like to prioritize.
  2. You provide me with an excerpt—no more than five standard (250-word, double-spaced) pages—that constitutes a representative sample of the current state of your manuscript. You also provide me with any submission or editorial guidelines pertaining to your manuscript (e.g., a call for papers, the applicable style guide).
  3. I return my edited version of the sample to you within an agreed-upon time period, along with a written summary of editorial tasks performed, an editorial plan for the full manuscript, and a quote for my services. If accepted, a contract is drafted and signed.

For longer and more complex manuscripts and projects that cannot be accurately represented by a five-page sample, I offer paid editorial assessments. The process is the same as above but involves a larger representative sample, which may be as short as ten manuscript pages or as long as a full chapter. In this case, a quote is generated and a contract is drafted and signed before the editorial assessment begins.

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