Developmental Editing

Developmental editing focuses on the big picture, often as an ongoing collaborative process between writer and editor. It is ideal for writers who are embarking on a new project and want some help along the way. Alternately, developmental editing can benefit writers who are struggling with an existing project due to a writing block, lack of time, or any other factor.

Developmental editing may include:

  • working with the client to develop a manuscript from an initial concept, outline, or draft through any number of subsequent drafts;
  • making suggestions about content, organization, and presentation, based on analysis of similar works, formal guidelines (e.g., an assignment, a call for papers, an invitation to contribute, submission rules), reviewers’ comments, and other appropriate references; and
  • assisting with writing, rewriting, and researching, and sometimes suggesting topics or providing information about topics for consideration.

The tasks above are based on those listed in the Editorial Freelancers Association Code of Fair Practice, 3rd ed.

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